Monday, May 30, 2016

The Road that Leads to Sambisa Forest - Cruel Life in a Village Close to the Den of Terrorists

As the Nigerian Army through its Operation Crackdown begins the clearing of the dreaded Sambisa forest, a man has narrated how cruel life can be in his village very close to the den of terrorists.
In an exlusive interview, a man named Jere, who lives in Umarari Local Government area of Bornu state, has opened up about the life in a village that leads to the dreaded Sambisa forest and the role of the civilian Joint Task Force in the fight against Boko Haram.

"This road from Umarari village leads directly to Sambisa Forest. When they (Boko haram) send their boys, they pass via our village. Our village is not the target but when they see people around here, they kill anyone in sight. Killing after all is their main objective.

"If it wasn’t for our boys, the Civilian JTF, and the existence of this village, these terrorists will enter Maiduguri. They intercept the bombs. Once when the JTF boys got tired and slept off, a bomb went off in the mosque. They get tired because they cut wood from the forests, farm a little and then guard all day and night without good nutrition. They isn’t any great pay either.

"We’ve complained about more security, this town is dangerous. This village is problematic. Its probably 50km to Sambisa. Although occasionally the military roams a few times a week or so, when we call they rush in as well. But we need them stationed here. We are in dire need of assistance, security and food wise. Everyone including the vigilantes have not much to live on. We’ve heard of aid but we are yet to see food."
Souce: Bits of Borno.

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