Monday, May 30, 2016

Thug Bites Off Another Man's Ear During a Fight But What His Mother Did About it is Even More Shocking! (Photos)

A young man who had gotten into a fight with another man, suddenly bit off the man's ear in a fit of anger, but his mother did something that shocked everyone.
James Dagnall
James Dagnall, a thug bit off another man's ear during a fight but his mother shocked him even more. She carefully picked up the piece of flesh, washed it and handed it back to the bleeding victim.
21-year-old Dagnall attacked the man in a savage and unprovoked incident outside his home - clamping his teeth on to the victim’s ear for 10 seconds before letting go and spitting the flesh out onto the floor.
But in a bizarre twist, Dagnall's mum managed to find it, washed it and gave it back to the victim. However, doctors could not re-attach it.
Hull Crown Court , East Yorks., heard the attack happened on March 24, last year, when the victim had waded into a row to defend his friend - the former girlfriend of Dagnall.
The violent offender, who a jury found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of a bladed article, has been locked up for six years for the brutal attack.
Judge David Tremburg told Dagnall: "You were angry and jealous. He [the victim] told you he did not want to live on the estate where he was born and brought up because he was fearful of an assault by you."
"He took the fateful decision to try and nip it in the bud by trying to talk it out with you," the judge continued. "During the course of that visit, he says he spoke to you in a civil manner and you attacked him. He managed to restrain you in a headlock on the floor.

"He agreed to let you go but you then took the opportunity to free yourself and lashed out with your teeth, spitting the ear onto the floor."
He added that Dagnall made the matter even worse by then arming himself with a knife which he brandished at the victim.
"The dangers of young people brandishing knifes is obvious," he said. "All too often, someone is seriously hurt, sometimes fatally."
The attack has had a profound effect on the victim, the court was told.
"Even surgery would not produce a particularly satisfactory result," said the judge.

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