Wednesday, June 22, 2016

50-year-old Woman Who Looks 20 Reveals Her Unbelievable Secret (Photos)

A woman who is 50 years but looks very much like an elegant 20-year-old girl has revealed the shocking secret behind her young look.
Elizabeth Young is so amazing that at 50 she looks like a 20-year-old
She is 50 years, but you can never tell. Elizabeth Young looks like another 20 year-old girl out there. But, the woman who looks half her age has revealed the shocking secret behind her youthful looks and elegant figure.
She has watched her friends settle down, got married and had babies, but the seamstress from South Norwood, London, is not worried as she opted for the single life and says it's the reason she still looks like she's 'in her 20s'.
Giving more details, she revealed that her decision to stay single and not have children was the main reason for her youthful and gorgeous look.
Dailymail reveals that Elizabeth, who's a petite 5ft 5ins and wears a dress size six to eight, says flying solo gives her more time and energy to work on her toned body and monitor her diet strictly.
She also claims her wrinkle-free complexion is down to not having a partner to argue with or 'stressful' in-laws to deal with.
What's more, Elizabeth – whose longest relationship lasted three years and occasionally dates younger men 'for fun' – believes a serious relationship or marriage would 'ruin' her looks.
Instead, she spends her time at the gym, with thrice weekly workouts, and goes clubbing with friends at least once a week.
She says: 'People always tell me I look amazing for my age, and I know it's because I'm single.
'I've been told I'm missing out on marriage and kids, but I'm happier being alone as it means I look and feel amazing. Those things cause worry and worrying is ageing.'
'I've seen women my age go through relationship stress, heartbreak and divorce and that takes its toll on a person's appearance.
'I want to show people that staying single is good for your health.'
Elizabeth says she decided as a teen that she never wanted to get married, initially because she felt it would compromise her independence. The 50-year-old says her decision has left her a fulfilled woman.

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