Monday, June 20, 2016

Aregbesola Denies Giving Order for Students to Wear Hijab

The governor of Osun State has dared anyone to show proof that he ordered students to wear hijab to school as he denies giving such obnoxious order.
Students from Osun State attended school wearing church uniform
The Governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, has categorically denied ever giving an order directing students to wear hijab.
The hijab crisis rocking the education sector in the state was as a result of an alleged order from the governor which he has now denied.
“Let me say this there is no official pronouncement on hijab. I have not ordered the use of hijab in schools and I challenge them to bring evidence,” Aregbesola said during a roundtable on developing collaborative framework for education organised by the Development and Advancement in Western Nigeria.
“It might interest you that my wife does not use hijab, my daughter does not use hijab. So, I did not order the use of hijab.

“My view on Islam is why I am suffering unmerited persecution. My crime is that I struggle to be a good Muslim and not because I hurt anybody.”
He challenged anybody to show evidence that he ordered students to wear hijabs to school. Speaking further, he said the crisis in the state was as a result of misinformation. 
He explained that the hijab crisis started in 2012 when four Muslim students were prevented from using hijab after they were transferred to Baptist High School from a school where they were allowed to use hijab.

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