Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hilarious: Difference Between Male-Male and Female-Female Conversation on the Phone

This is a hilarious illustration of the nature of telephone conversations between male and female folks in the Nigerian setting.
This joke has been trending on social media with a lot of readers nodding in agreement of the dramatic claims insinuated in drama in a comical manner. Read the joke below:
Telephone converation between two ladies

MARY: Hello Love!

SARAH: Hello babes-how are u

MARY: Am fine dear, I've missed u a lot

SARAH: And me too

MARY: I am calling just to inform you that I will pay you a visit this afternoon.

SARAH: Ok my dear; it will be a great pleasure to have you. I will be expecting you sweet.
*After dropping the call*

MARY: Am going to visit that dirty girl again.
SARAH: This witch is coming here again, she thinks I will buy her drinks with my money again, she must be joking.

Telephone conversation between two gentlemen

JOHN: Bastard how far?

Mad man I dey? How ur drunkard father?

JOHN: My Papa dey! Ur ashewo mama nko?

FRANCIS: You are a fool. How far, U dey house? I dey come charge phone.

JOHN: Ok! No wahala, bring money come make we drink
FRANCIS: ok na. Later now!

*After dropping the call*

John: That Francis can be funny at times but always great companion anytime.
Francis: John is just a reliable friend.

Lesson: Ladies are always nice to each other but they never like themselves.

Men are always mean and rude but they will always have each other's back.

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