Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Robbers Trying to Rob a Lawyer in Broad Daylight Caught in Warri (Photos)

Two hungry-looking robbers in the South-south part of Nigeria were almost lynched after a failed operation to dispossess a lawyer of his belongings.
The culprits being paraded after manhandling
It was really a bad day for the two fellows who hit the road earlier today, 28th of June, 2016 around Enehren, Sefia Close, in Warri, Delta state with the intention of robbing some innocent individuals off their hard earned purchasing power.

According to an eye witness, they wanted to rob a lawyer who was coming from the bank inside keke, probably based on tip off, they also entered the keke on the trail of the victim. The lawyer, who can at this point be assumed to be pretty smart, suspected them and raised alarm.
They were then apprehended and were about to be burnt alive, based on normal tradition of jungle justic around that area. Then, a vigilante rescued them and they started confessing.

According to them, they claimed it was hunger that led them into such shameful act, coupled with the fact that one of them has a wife that just delivered.

Though people claimed it's not their first time of stealing, no gun was found on them except a dagger.

See another photo from the scene:

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