Monday, June 20, 2016

White Woman Disowned by Family for Marrying Nigerian Man Finally Reconciles with Dad

This is the touching story of an American woman who was disowned by her father for marrying a Nigerian man and forced to follow her husband to Nigeria out of love. Her story of reconciliation with her father is mind-blowing.
Albert Ola Owonubi, Crystal and her father all happily reunited
"Tomorrow is the big day! My husband of 15 years finally gets to meet my father. And my father gets to meet Jayden (my last born) for the first time also!!" that was what American author, Crystal Owonubi wrote some days before her husband finally reconciled with her father after she was disowned by her family for marrying for love.
Crystal's story is one of faith, love, trials, perseverance and strong determination to succeed. After 15 years of facing discrimination and being disowned by her own father for daring to marry the love of her life, Crystal Owonubi finally had a reason to shout with joy at a decision he made.
Crystal and her husband had been together for four years before getting married. Her husband had been deported back to Nigeria when their daughter was just 5 years old, leaving her to decide if she was going to stay back in the U.S or follow her husband.
She later decided to move to Nigeria to be with her husband for about 8 years before relocating back to the United States, where she currently lives with her husband and three children.
A happy Crystal took to her Facebook page to share her joy after her father finally met and accepted her husband of 15 years, as his son-in-law.
She wrote just a few days to meeting her parents again: "I'm looking forward to getting a "four generation" picture--my grandmother, my father, myself, and my children. Now that's a real blessing!! A blessing that many of us take for granted. Lord, open our eyes and help us to see the blessings that we have right before us!! And help us not to look back on the time we missed but, look forward to the time we have left and make the best of it before it's too late. Lord, help us to see what really matters and what doesn't!
Then, I will get a picture of little Jayden sitting on his grandpa's lap. And another picture of my husband and father standing together in harmony, peace, and in love. Lord, I owe it all to you. You are the one who restores. You are the one who makes all things beautiful in your time. You are the one who makes the path straight for us. Because of you, my children will be able to say they knew at least one of their grandparents. My children are witnessing the hand of God right before their very own eyes.
Because of you, the love of my life gets to meet my father before it's too late. And because of you my husband gets to receive the blessings of meeting and knowing him. All of this, Lord, because you love us! And we don't even deserve it! I'm overwhelmed with joy and peace in my heart. Bless the Lord oh my soul!"
After the historic reconciliation and reunion, she wrote: "What are the chances that my father would decide to wear this shirt today? He said it was on sale. Ha ha ha! A little to late for that dad!! But, he gave us a good laugh! He is frying fish and it reminds me of when he used to do that when I was a little girl."

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