Thursday, July 14, 2016

Could this be the Biggest Bum on Social Media? You Need to See this Endowed Lady (Photos)

A Kenyan socialite and video vixen is currently trending on social media for her big bum that has gotten her a lot of attention from male fans.
Corazon Kwamboka
This is Corazon Kwamboka from Kenya. She competes with her fellow socialite and country girl, Vera Sidika in the area of physical endowment.
Corazon is a booty queen who has appeared on music videos of artistes in her country. She is a lawyer and currently runs a mini online store where she sells female wears.
She has 216,000 followers on Instagram hungrily on her trail as she releases her appealing photos everyday in sizzling clothes. She knows her selling point is her behind and she expresses it proudly to grow her social media page just like other female figures today.
Check out more mind-boggling photos of her gigantic backside below:

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