Friday, July 29, 2016

Did Toyin Aimakhu Want a Share of Mayowa Ahmed's Health Funds?

Nigerian actress and movie producer, Toyin Aimakhu has been criminally implicated in the campaign to save the Ovarian cancer-striken young lady named Mayowa Ahmed currently receiving treatment at LUTH.
Toyin Aimakhu
New weighty allegations against Toyin Aimakhu and founder of the Lifestake Foundation, Aramide Kasumu claim they wanted part of the over N32 million raised for ovarian cancer patient, Mayowa Ahmed has just emerged.
A source, Soliat Tobi Bolaji who reportedly had a parley with Mayowa's sister at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LUTH took to her Twitter account to open a can of worms that have implicated the light-skinned actress who has been one of the influential campaigners of the #SaveMayowa campaign.
Unconfirmed reports by Miss Soliat alleged that Aramide Kasumu made suspicious moves to control the donated funds from the GoFundMe account and Access Bank Plc account which Mayowa's family swiftly objected to.
In reaction, Kasumu's Lifestake Foundation allegedly distanced itself from the humanitarian campaign it started as the expected economic benefits weren't forthcoming.
On Toyin Aimakhu's side, she reportedly opted to fly with Mayowa Ahmed to Dubai or United States of America on the bill of the sick lady which the family ruled out. Miss Soliat in her series of staggering revelations has insinuated that both parties namely Aramide Kasumu and Toyin Aimahku orchestrated a reprisal attack on the family by defaming the fund-raising campaign with claims it was a ruse and a blatant scam. 
Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji was very instrumental in breaking the sensitive news that attracted curses and unprintable names on her person by sympathetic social media users.
Reports that some of the family members of Mayowa have been arrested were also debunked by Miss Soliat who claims Toyin Aimakhu's teary video was cosmetic and artistic as associated with her occupation.
Meanwhile, another influential celebrity blogger, Stella Dimoko-Korkus has affirmed the sincerity of Mayowa's family in the campaign by reiterating it is not a scam.
Here is an excerpt from her recent clarification statement:

This is not calling out anyone but let us all be careful with how we peddle lies especially when it concerns life and death. I wonder why the news of it being a scam came out today that the page was closed...

Why did the person who knows so much wait this long? May God forgive everyone who has Judged this case without facts. I pray she does not get to read or hear of these accusations and focuses on her impending treatment.

Until you have watched a loved one fall ill or die,you will never understand the desperation to get help to save them. I remember standing by my mum's lifeless body and wishing for anything to do to bring her back to life,no amount of tears or ''scam'' would have brought her back even if i had tried.

Mayowa still has a chance and if 'scamming' Nigerians is the only way to give her a chance to live then so be it.

.....Because you sit at your computer,or lap top or phone and you are healthy right now is no guarantee for tomorrow. Give life a chance and spend your rant praying that God saves her.....and you! May you live to testify of God's goodness Mayowa...At this stage the millions realized means nothing until you stand up and testify to life!"

Tori News awaits the responses of the accused parties which will be assiduously weighed to avoid misleading our esteemed readers.

These are tweets by Soliat Tobi Bolaji who is threatening to speak more on the issue:

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