Monday, July 4, 2016

FBI Most Wanted: Lady Shoots Dead 9-months Pregnant Woman Over an Argument (Photos)

A lady was been put on FBI's Most Wanted list after allegedly shooting dead a pregnant woman who was due to birth, over an argument.
A 24-year-old lady identified as Shanika Minor, who senselessly shot dead a 9-month-old pregnant  Milwaukee woman, just a week before she was due to give birth, has been placed on FBI's Most Wanted List.
ABC11 News reported that Shanika went to visit her mum at her home on March 5th when the mum complained about her neighbour who always disturbed her by playing loud music constantly. 
Shanika then confronted the neighbour, a lady named Tamecca Perry, a mother of two young children, who was expecting her third, and a shouting match ensued as Shanika brought out a gun and threatened Tamecca with it. 
When Shanika's mum rushed over to stop her daughter from harming her neighbour and begged her to stop, Shanika has already fired a warning shot in the air and told Tamecca to watch her back.
Just a day later, Shanika returned to her mother's house and went straight to the back door of Tamecca's home to confront the pregnant lady again. Another shouting match ensued and Shanika's mum ran to the scene once more and this time positioned herself between her daughter and Tamecca. 
By this time, Shanika was holding a gun. The mum begged her to drop the gun but instead of doing that, she reached over her mother’s shoulder and fired a single shot from her handgun, hitting Perry in the chest in front of her two small children. Tamecca was rushed to the hospital where she died, just a week before she was due to give birth, and Shanika disappeared.
According to reports, she was arrested over the weekend and now faces charges of first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree intentional homicide of a unborn child, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.
She's being held in the Cumberland County Jail without bond until federal agents arrive to escort her back to Wisconsin. 

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  1. Very strange....her mum couldn't help....she'd have called 911 while still trying to forestall that murder!! Pity sha.