Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How a Mountain of Fire Pastor Embarrassed Denrele in Church

A popular television personality, Denrele Edun has revealed why he is no longer showing much interest in church vigils and activities.
Television Host, Denrele Edun
Popular TV host, Denrele Edun has revealed how he was left embarrassed the last time he went to church. The on-air-personality who has been able to carve a strong niche for himself in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and so far, has become a force to reckon with shared his thoughts in an interview with NigeriaFilms.
While speaking to Denrele if he creates time for church programs especially vigils, he revealed a shocking truth.
Denrele disclosed that the last time he attended a vigil was on 1st of January and since then, he has not had the time to attend anymore but still looking out for one of the days he will attend since he still hungers for it.
Denrele said, “It’s been long I attended vigil. The last vigil I attended was in 1st January 2016. Ah blood of God and we are in July, I must continue the vigil but I love vigil; then you know when you pack your hair sha wrap one scarf round in fact, the last time I went to MFM, the pastor told me that aunty, the next time you come here and you don’t cover your hair it will not be funny, I couldn’t even start explaining that I was a man and had to let it go.”

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