Tuesday, July 12, 2016

See How Notorious Ikorodu Kingpin, Baddo, R*ped and Brutalized a Woman and Her Daughter (Photos)

The Ibeshe part of Ikorodu has been plagued with bad events in recent times, but none of it beats the latest incident as residents now live in great pandemonium as they are scared of the much dreaded r*pist known as Baddo.
The woman who was r*ped and stabbed by Baddo
In recent times, it has been reported that the residents of Ibeshe in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state, live in great fear as they are scared of the dreaded r*pist known as Baddo, who is said to be notorious in forcefully sleeping with aged women, particularly single mothers and widows, as well as being a nightmare for others
According to photos which was posted on a popular online platform, a 63-year-old woman, recieved the greatest shock of her life in the early hours of Sunday, (around 2:30am) as she was allegedly r*ped and stabbed to near death, while her 10-year-old daughter was not spared as Baddo made sure she was stopped from waking the neighbours.
The scene of the crime (left) and the woman's daughter (right)
An eye witness, Mr. Alagbala, who spoke to a correspondent alleged that the notorious kingpin is aided by some top men in the community.

"The truth is, someone in this community is using these women for ritual and occultic purpose, Baddo rubs handkerchief on these women private parts after sleeping with them. 

"For me, the king has not been supportive, when journalists came during the first time they arrested one of the gang, he refused to come down to speak to them, he even insisted the first rapist we caught was handed over to the police without a bruise.

"I dont want to conclude anything yet but we need the Lagos state government to provide more securities for us. It’s safe to say the policemen are not doing anything about the whole matter

"At this point, we advise the residents of ibeshe not to sleep with their generators and if the need be, kindly get yourself whistles to alert your neighbours."

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