Thursday, July 14, 2016

See What Two Nigerian Women Did in Mecca Everybody is Angry About (Photo)

Two Nigerian girls have found themselves in the midst of a raging controversy on social media over a simple dance move.
The controversial photo that has caused outrage on social media
Two women have been heavily criticized online for allegedly executing a simple dance gesture called 'dab' in Mecca. The women were tongue-lashed as many have alleged the dance is demonic even though it is all lies. 
The wide condemnation many believe must have originated out of false information being circulated about the origin of Dab dance on social media.
The Dab is a dance in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing.
According to Wikipedia, Dab has its origins in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, but there is disagreement about who originated the dance. Artists frequently mentioned as possible originators include Migos (as in "Look at My Dab"), Skippa Da Flippa, Peewee Longway, and Rich The Kid.

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