Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top 10 Hot Places Ladies are Bound to Meet Rich Husbands in Lagos (Photos)

If you are a pretty Lagos girl who is determined either to hook up or get married to a rich guy in one of Africa's most bustling city, you will find this article extremely important and useful.
1. Oriental hotel
There is no way you visit this hotel and stay at the lobby without meeting some rich man. This is a place where modern styles meet the needs of comfort. Everything about this hotel speaks class and would no doubt attract people who enjoy the luxury that comes with a grand place. If you are having difficulty placing the hotel, go watch Olamide’s song titled ‘Lagos boys’; it was shot there.
2. Coza Lagos
It has already been established that people no longer go to churches because they want to meet with God; there are added advantages of going to the church now. Depending on the setting of the church, you are bound to meet someone remarkable. Now, if you go to some indigenous churches, you may not find that rich husband. But with a place like Coza, you can never get it wrong. There would always be some young, charming man in the congregation with well-tailored clothes that will meet your specifications.
3. House on the rock
This is another church that would blow your mind. Lots of artistes attend this church. There are lots of fashionable and eligible men in the congregation; you can be sure you will find someone that would suit you; however, be careful so you do not end up with the wrong man.
4. Four points by Sheraton Lagos hotel
This hotel is situated in Victoria Island and is surrounded by a host of international companies. If you really have the intention of finding a rich husband, then you should pay close attention to the first line. The rest is definitely up to you.
5. Eko Hotel reception area
Although this hotel has been in existence for a long time, the class of people it attracts has not changed one bit. The reception area will always entertain people from all walks of life. Now be careful of the kind of men you go with at the long run. You do not want to mess with some mean woman’s husband.
6. The shopping malls
Trust us when we tell you that the shopping malls have lots of eligible rich men strolling around them. You already know that these malls have lots of people visiting them daily; you would always meet someone who would give you a treat when you walk into any of the malls. Make sure your outfit is slaying; you cannot afford not to turn heads and make them notice you before you even see them.
7. Accenture car parks
Even though you do not own a car, find your way to this parking lot and try your luck. Please do not look like some hunger stricken person who may be mistaken as a thief. You have to be presentable enough for the rich men to approach. You have to measure up to them in some way.
8. Piccolo Mondo restaurant
Well, it is totally up to you to find your way there and find yourself a table in this exquisite restaurant. But after you must have found yourself a nice spot in the trendy restaurant, wait for your moment to come. Nigerian men love women who are beautiful, smart and intelligent. Being found in a place like that and alone would make someone walk up to you.
9. Sheraton male toilet
You will definitely find what you are looking for this way. You have to appear modest though, like you did not go there on purpose. Let us hope it is not some cleaner who finds you first.
10. Murtala Muhammed Airport (Either local or international)
The rich men you want as husbands have businesses that they run; these require them to moive from one place to the other within the country and outside the country. If you visit the airport regularly, you will no doubt run into someone who would bring your search for a rich husband to an end.
Credits: Naij.com

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