Sunday, July 3, 2016

Undergraduate Attempts Suicide, Says Life Has Been Unfair

A young man decided to take his life after losing an amount of money for his school fees to some pick-pockets.
Tunde Olaniyan
Tunde Olaniyan, an Ordinary National Diploma, OND student of the Lagos State Polytechnic, can be described as the proverbial cat with nine lives owing to his recent narrow escape from a suicidal act, Vanguard reports.
The 21-year-old Accountancy student who concluded to end it all by drinking a poisonous substance last month , left a suicide note for his parents, notifying them of his action. Reason?  His school fees which his family struggled to gather was stolen by suspected pick pockets, while on his way to school penultimate Tuesday, an act he concluded had dashed his hope of furthering his education.

Confusion set in for the undergraduate who upon arriving school, decided to bring the N45,000 which he neatly  wrapped in a piece of paper out of his nap sac,  only to discover that  the bag was  torn  by the side, from where the money  was tactically stolen.
Calling his parents was the last thing on his mind. Rather, the dark skinned student walked absent-mindedly out of the class room, down to a church in Isolo area of Lagos where he sleeps at night.

Crime Guard investigation revealed that the Olanyan family struggle for survival, like several other Nigerians out there, began after its bread winner, Amos Olaniyan,  was verbally suspended from the Nigeria Police same year Tunde was born, by the Police Commissioner in Oyo state, Abubakar  Tsav, over alleged bribery and corruption. 
Although report had it that the Senate had on December 15, 2016 directed his reinstatement, after due investigation which exonerated Amos from the allegation, till date, Police authorities are yet to adhere  to the directive.
Since his suspension as a Sergeant, Amos Olaniya has been engaged in all manner of menial jobs  in a bid to eke out a living for his family.  He is at the moment a driver in Ibadan, Oyo state, from where he visits his family in Lagos. 
It was further gathered that Amos’s monthly salary and proceeds from his wife’s trade was put together to make up the N45,000 needed for their son’s school fees.

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