Friday, August 5, 2016

APC Bans Jibrin from Making Public Statement on Alleged Budget Padding

The APC has issued a statement ordering Abdulmumin Jibrin not to speak of the allegations against Speaker Dogara anymore to the public as the party tries to gag him from revealing more details.
Abdulmumin Jibrin
The All Progressives Congress (APC) in a bid to avert imminent danger over the recent crisis in the House of Representatives, has asked Abdulmumin Jibrin, a member of the federal house of representatives, to stop leveling allegations against Speaker, Yakubu Dogara in public and not to make any further statement on the matter. 
The party said this through Lawal Shuaibu, its deputy national chairman, north, in a letter to Jibrin on Thursday.
The letter read:
“As you are aware, the party, and indeed the government, has not been happy over the recent development in the house of representatives over the issue of the 2016 budget. We found it embarrassing to have to deal with another new phenomenon you tagged ‘budget padding,’” it said.
“Arising from the series of meetings we held with you over the subject matter, the national working committee had decided to request you to henceforth avoid issuing any public statement on this matter. This includes statements through social media or other means of transmitting an opinion on the matter to the public, as the party is now looking into it towards finding possible solution.”
However, the APC has been lambasted and criticized for trying to muzzle Jibrin from revealing details that could implicate Dogara who has been accused of bribery, corruption and budget padding. 
Nigerians are still watching how the whole drama will play out as many believe Jibrin who is known for his integrity will surely continue his fight which many believe is justified and on the side of the masses.
Since July 21 when he made his first allegation of budget-padding against Yakubu Dogara and three other leaders of the house, Jibrin has publicly made a series of allegations against the quartet.

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