Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From Biggest Blogger to Multi-millionaire Media Mogul: Linda Ikeji Launches 5 Business Ventures (Photos)

Remember when Nigeria's most popular blogger, Linda Ikeji said she was planning something major? Well, she sure wasn't mincing words when she said major, because her new projects will shock you!
Few weeks ago, we reported that self acclaimed 'richest blogger in Africa', Linda Ikeji, was set to launch her dream Television and Radio studios as well as a multi-million office when she shared some photos which reveals the completion of her studio, office, and her personal lounge.
With the 10th anniversary of her blog approaching (10th November 2016), the popular blogger has taken to her blog hours ago to reveal her expansion plans which includes;
1. Linda Ikeji Music – a music website
2. Linda Ikeji TV – an online TV
3. Linda Ikeji Radio – online radio 
4. LIS – a project which is till under wraps
5. Linda Ikeji state of the art music studio
Linda Ikeji office reception
Below is what she wrote on her blog on Monday night;
“Y’all know by now that I’m a show-off, so get over it! Lol. So anyway, I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard or read that I’m finally expanding my business. Yes, I am! Blogging will always be my first love but I’m finally ready to expand into other things and take on bigger challenges. For years now, people have been suggesting to me to do more, be more, gave me different ideas of other things to venture into, but I didn’t pay attention because I wasn’t ready. I like to do things at my own pace & my own time. I’m finally ready! After almost 10 years of blogging, I’m ready for bigger challenges.

"So aside Linda Ikeji Blog, which you amazing readers have helped me grow in the last 10 years, (LIB will be 10 in November 2016), I’m creating four new brands under Linda Ikeji Media Ltd. Continue to see all that plus photos of my new office..*wink*
The dressing/make-up room

"The first is Linda Ikeji TV. I’m creating my own online TV Network. And in my new office, we built a studio where we can shoot some of our programmes. Our TV shows will include reality shows, entertainment/sport programmes, health/food programmes, game shows, talks shows etc…and eventually even a series. Some of our programmes will also air on terrestrial TV.

"My goal is to eventually have my own TV channel on cable but we have to create enough content before we venture into that..which is what we will do for the next few months to a year.
Work stations for staff

"The second brand is Linda Ikeji Radio…but not a radio station like many have thought. It’s an online radio (at least for now) and at the office, I built a podcast studio where we can operate…and some of our shows will be aired live.

"The 3rd brand is Linda Ikeji Music…it’s a strictly music website for everything music in Nigeria plus I’m also building a state-of-the-art music studio…

"Then there’s LIS. Which I hope will be my biggest brand yet. Maybe even bigger than LIB. I will be unveiling that in a week or so, and I will need your massive support with this one.
The VIP lounge for visitors

"So, including LIB, I have five brands now to manage…Yay! I’m so excited. This is my dream… this is everything I have ever dreamed my life would be and more and I can’t thank God enough for giving me so much grace and showing me kindness. I pray favour into your lives also. I also want you to believe that your dreams can come true. Just keep working and believing!

"Having said that, I will be hiring new hands to help me make these dreams a reality and grow bigger.
Linda Ikeji’s personal lounge at office

"I’m looking for: a front desk officer/receptionist, TV presenters, editors, producers, cameramen, entertainment/music/crime writers, Radio hosts, sound engineers, HR, Accountant, Administrative staff, customer care, marketers and even drivers as we purchased some company vehicles.

"But please do not send me emails with your CVs…I most likely won’t read them because of my tight schedule. I will do another post tomorrow or next here to tell you how you can submit your CV or come for an interview with my senior management.

"Thanks guys. Meanwhile, below are photos of some part of the Linda Ikeji Media office.”
The waiting room
Below are more photos of her brand new office;
The conference room 
The stairs to her penthouse office
The staff cafeteria which also has a kitchen
The conference room

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