Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Man Facing Theft Charges in Court Suddenly Begins to Twerk Before the Judge (Video)

A man who was being tried for theft, has stunned people with a rather raunchy performance after he begins to twerk.
Pure drama took place in Dade County, Miami, USA during a court session on Thursday morning, after a suspect, cracked people's ribs.
The suspect identified as Calvin Griffith, 30, showed off his dance moves to the judge during his first appearance on charges that he broke into a local school and stole an employees car keys and then the car.
While facing Judge Catherine Pooler, Griffith broke out into a twerking routine.
Laughter can be heard throughout the proceedings, but Judge Pooler kept a straight face and did not appear to be amused.
The accused criminal also appears to say “Hi Mom” when he realises he’s appearing on an in-court camera.
Griffith is accused of entering Miami Edison Senior High School which was closed during the summer. He then took a set of car keys in the main office, went out to the parking lot and drove away in the car.
The school’s surveillance cameras showed Griffith entering the school and the car.
Griffith was confronted Wednesday at North Miami Senior High School where the victim’s car keys were found in his pants pocket.
He was awarded bond of $18,500.
Watch the video below:

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