Wednesday, August 3, 2016

These Four Types of People are Most Likely to Cheat

Listen and read quietly so that you wouldn't be deceived! People who have these four personality traits will likely cheat on you.
People with these four tell-tale personality traits are more like to cheat in a relationship. According to Dailystar, people who fall in this group are easy to compromise.
Whether it’s men of a certain age or women with less loose change, here’s how to catch a cheater.
1. People with Many Social media fans
If they can’t keep off Twitter or are forever scrolling through Facebook then they’re more likely to play away.
Keep an eye on how much your partner is posting on social media, because it could spell the end of your relationship.
According to a University of Missouri study, the more often a person uses social media the more often they have relationship conflicts, leading to cheating, break-ups and divorce.
2. Someone who has already cheated
A leopard doesn’t change its spots and if you’ve done it once, you’ll probably do it again.
Research from the University of South Alabama found that both men and women who were unfaithful in one relationship were more likely to cheat in the next one.
3. Men whose age ends in 9
Lads who are fearing a big milestone birthday begin to stray, according to figures from cheaters dating site Ashley Madison.
Guys who were aged 29, 39, 49 or 59 were more likely to sign up to the extra-marital site meaning they’re more likely to get itchy feet and are prone to cheating at certain ages.
4. Richer men and poorer women
Wealthy lads and cash-strapped girls are more likely to be love rats.
This is because money equals power and power boosts confidence, so lads feel confident attracting partners and playing away.
On the flip side penniless ladies sometimes cheat in a bid to move up the genetic or financial ladder.

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