Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 People You Must Avoid If You Want to Live Peacefully in Lagos

The metropolitan city of Lagos which has an official population size of 18 million has been described as a gathering of 'hustlers' striving hard for the daily bread.
One can be happy in Lagos if these categories of people are intelligently and carefully kept at arms length to avoid bitter fight that could cause injuries or eventual death.

Read the interesting piece below:

1. Aggressive Conductor

When you notice your conductor has one or several body parts impaired and is talking like a deranged man, either bus or don’t bother boarding it.
2. Lawless Commercial Bus Drivers

These ones careless about your car being new, you want to maintain a clean car, steer clear of lawless Lagos drivers.

3. Thugs popularly known as agberos

They have the ability to sniff out a rich man from any gathering…you have to attend a party at a not so posh area in Lagos, hold on tightly to your belongings..simply put it this way, their middle name is ‘Obtain’
4. Scammers and Beggars

They are at every nook and cranny of the city, sad news, you can tell the difference. Run into nay suspicious person, pull an Usain Bolt for that minute.

5. Night Crawlers

Lagos never sleeps so definitely there will be might crawlers everyday, it is best you avoid them, picking stranger from bus stop in lagos can be difficult.

6. Disappointing Tailors

If you find yourself in a new neighborhood, in Lagos, its important to do a survey among the residents and find out which tailor is most reliable.

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