Friday, September 2, 2016

FRSC Officials Allegedly Now Using Dubious Tactics to Defraud Nigerians Trying to Renew Drivers Licence

Officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps have been exposed for conning innocent Nigerians of their hard-earned money using dubious tactics.
Officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps
A Nigerian woman has cried out for help over the incessant and fraudulent tactics Federal Road Safety Corps Officials are using to defraud innocent citizens trying to renew their drivers' licence.
The woman took to Facebook to call on the appropriate authorities to come to the aid of many Nigerians suffering in the hands of corrupt government workers and to hold those cheating innocent Nigerians responsible.
She wrote: "I was stopped twice this morning by FRSC officials. My driver's licence had been due, and even after paying N10,000 instead of the official N6,500 renewal fee, I've been unable to 'capture.' I've been to their office thrice, and each time the excuse had been the lack of network nationwide in FRSC offices. So, I've been handing in the renewal receipt each time I'm asked for my driver's licence. Now I've been told that the receipt is no longer valid. Indeed, application for driver's licence will now take 28 days to process, I was told; during which applicants can't drive. The officials added that henceforth, people will be sanctioned. We made press calls to some top FRSC officials who denied everything. The question is, who do we believe: the ogas in the office or the officials on the road who make the arrests?"
She later explained that after she had confronted FRSC officials over the matter and threatened them, they were forced to fastforward the process.
She added: "After yesterday's encounters with senior FRSC officials, my driver's licence was ready in less than two minutes earlier today. I'm NOT impressed. Any system that serves only the privileged is a fraud. I'm a Nigerian and I have every right to enjoy legitimate services without official interventions. *Thumbs down to FRSC*"
It is not new in Nigeria for many of these officials to behave in such an unprofessional way. The system is so corrupt that many of them go scot-free giving them the morale to continue in the shameful conduct. The FRSC is one agency many people have continued to condemn for its lackadiasical attitude and way it handles the processing of drivers licence as it takes the agency years just to renew or get a licence ready for citizens.
But, for some who are privileged, the same licence they feign to be processing for years can easily be given to the elite in just few hours. Such is the rot in the system. Many are left with no other option than to bribe these shameless officials just to get served. The government and top officials of some of these agencies involved in this serious crime do not care and have continued to pay lip service to this awful trend.

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