Thursday, September 8, 2016

President Obama and Michelle are an Adorable Couple on the Cover of Essence (Photos)

President Barack Obama's time in office is coming to a close, and Essence is honoring the president, as well as First Lady, Michelle Obama, by making them the cover stars of their October issue.
Photo by Kwaku Alston for ESSENCE
The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama are one stunning pair on the cover of Essence Magazine‘s October 2016 issue.
The power couple are all smiles on the Special Collector’s Issue, as the magazine sends them off after serving their country for 8 years come November.
Barrack and Michelle spoke on their life in the White House, the state of the nation and the legacy they hope to leave behind.
In the latest edition, President Obama said; 
“I can unequivocally say that America is better off now than we were when we came into office. By almost every economic measure, we’re better off. But having said that, we still have a lot of work to do.

"The memories that last ultimately aren’t the family memories. Some of my fondest memories of the White House are just being with the girls on a summer night and walking the dogs around the South Lawn, talking and listening to them, trying to get Bo to move because sometimes it’s hot."
Mrs Obama also shared her thoughts on being a positive impact for black children. She said;
“I think when it comes to Black kids, it means something for them to have spent most of their life seeing the family in the White House look like them. It matters. All the future work that Barack talked about, I think over these last few years, we’ve kind of knocked the ceiling of limitation off the roofs of many young kids; imaginations of what’s possible for them.

"And as a mother, I wouldn’t underestimate how important that is, having that vision that you can really do anything—not because somebody told you, but because you’ve seen and experienced it. I think that will be a lasting impact on our kids,” she says.
Click here to read the entire feature of the power couple on Essence Magazine.

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