Monday, October 17, 2016

Photo of an MC Dancing with a School Pupil at Event Sparks Outrage

This action would earn this man a jail term in a developed country as it could be interpreted as s*xual harassment or pedophilia.
The controversial dance picture
Some MCs are known to always go without caution at events. Here is a photo of an MC dancing explicitly with a primary 6 girl in front of other junior pupils during the school's event.
In the photo which has surfaced online, the MC is seen holding the girl tightly in a sensual manner. Many people who have shared the photo online have mixed opinions.
Some feel it was just an innocent dance, while other feels the dance is unholy, especially with a kid. But someone on Twitter asked a question worth pondering upon.
He asked, "if you walk into the premises at the time and happen to see the event MC groping on your little angelic daughter, how would you feel?"

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