Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wicked Man Pays His Friend N800,000 to Kill His Pregnant Girlfriend (Photos)

Cornelius Green paid to have Jocelyn Peters killed
A former middle school principal has been arrested in Missouri for allegedly paying a childhood friend $2,500 (N800,000) to murder his seven months pregnant girlfriend. 
The evil man identified as Cornelius Green was on Thursday indicted on two counts of first-degree murder for having his friend, Philip J. Cutler, kill Jocelyn Peters and her unborn baby on March 24, according to court documents obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 
Cutler had in June, lied that he acted alone in the March 24th murder of Peters, who was a 30-year-old teacher at Mann Elementary School. Everything was exposed after police found out Green sent Cutler, 36, $2,500 in cash on March 20, which was four days before the mother-to-be was killed. 
Green, who was the principal of Carr Lane until he was reassigned to an information technology job in St. Louis Public Schools over the summer, picked Cutler up from a bus station in St. Louis after he traveled there from Muskogee, Oklahoma on March 21, court documents state, Dailymail reports.
Philip J. Cutler
The woman was killed alongside her unborn baby by a single bullet to the head from Cutler's gun. Later that day, after her murder, Green returned back from St. Louis and discovered her dead inside the apartment. 
While being questioned by police, Green asked to make a phone call to his daughter, but called his estranged wife instead. 
He asked her to meet with Cutler to give him a set of spare car keys so that he could move his car from Peters' neighborhood. Green did not know that investigators were listening in on the phone call. 
On June 9, Cutler was arrested back in Oklahoma is being held now in St. Louis in lieu of $1million bail.
Green is being held on $3million cash bail, as he is also facing charges for allegedly stealing $2,700 from students at his school.

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